Alone, all alone. Nobody but nobody can make it out here alone. –Maya Angelou

When you think about the facts, the small fish eat the plastic > the big fish eat the small fish > the humans eat the big fish.  

The food chain adds up to plastic in our bellies.

Know what’s made of plastic? Poopie diapers!
Ewww so gross!

Look at this infographic proving you’re eating your own trash. Recycling is a hassle but it is sooo important.

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Former President Clinton’s opinion on marriage equality has done a 180 on how he sees the world in the past few years, thanks to some eye-opening by his daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

During his presidency, Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), denying same-sex couples the federal benefits enjoyed by married couples. Now, he’s fighting his former self  to have the act repealed. Yes, he’s come to his senses – finally!

“Whenever we turn away from treating someone with the dignity and honor and the respect that we would like accorded to ourselves, we have to face the fact it’s about us.” — Former President Bill Clinton at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

“I want to keep working on this until not only is DOMA no longer the law of the land, but until all people — no matter where they live — can marry the people they love,” Clinton told the crowd at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards, with Chelsea by his side.

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The communities of Bolivia rely on quinoa (keen-wah) production for their  livelihoods. What’s fascinating is how the life of the farmer revolves around the production of the crop, and the care with which they plant and tend to it.

I’m so accustomed to seeing foods planted & processed through machinery. Something about this human contact with the Earth just feels right, and from this city-person’s perspective it feels like something we’ve disconnected from that we need to return to.
Who knew that eating healthy helps more than yourself, it helps the world!

There are real video clips inserted into the powerpoint presentation starting at the 1:37 mark, once they begin to harvest the crop – which is totally cool!

Curves for Change

Congratulations to my model friends for putting together a press-filled & celebrity-studded launch party for the new Curves For Change  non-profit organization! You are all beautiful inside and out.

Founded by Supermodel/Supermom Kate Dillon and now helmed by models Bernadett Vajda + Julie Henderson, these models use their beauty and visibility to make a positive impact on women’s causes like ending human trafficking. As a member of the Board Of Directors, I contribute by creating the C4C website and we all aim to be positive role models.

Major props to whomever won those $25,000 Victoria’s Secret Runway Show tickets at the C4C silent auction- WOOT!
Looking forward to the next event…

You can donate @  Get involved and make a difference!