Warby Parker Glasses

In the past it’s been easier to get a mail order bride than mail order glasses. That’s changed with eyeglass designer Warby Parker’s Home Try-On program.

My friend Jeff messaged me today asking for advice on what glasses shape would be best for his face, and I told him “ask the people who are only too happy to insult you – your friends.” Friends give the best input on what looks good, but that means you need the glasses in-hand. 

Warby Parker crafts modern-but-not-too-trendy eyewear (just saying you have Warby Parkers will make you appear hip) priced around $100 per prescription pair. They also have non-prescript and sunglasses.

And for every pair sold they give a pair to someone in need. It’s a charity 2-fer and that’s the best part of all!

HOME TRY-ONS:  5 Pairs, 5 Days, 100% Free  >>
They’ll send you up to 5 pairs of glasses to try on at home for 5 days free, and include a pre-paid return shipping label to send them back with no obligation to buy. Easy peasy!

GEMS hair accessories by Erickson Beamon to fight sex slavery

While we’re counting our blessings this holiday season others just like us are living as sex slaves. Help them >>

Human trafficking is considered the world’s second largest, fastest growing organized crime; it is a multi-billion dollar industry. The International Labor Organization estimates up to 20.9 million people globally are modern-day slaves, and UNICEF estimates that 1.2 million children are sold every year. It’s disgusting and it’s happening in your own backyard.

Organizations such as GEMS and Somaly Mam Foundation dedicate themselves to helping victims escape and recover. Somaly Mam is a former Cambodian sex slave who never knew her own name. GEMS is founded by Rachel Lloyd, who in 1998 with a computer and $30 started her non-profit at her kitchen table, in a house where she was providing women safe harbor.  GEMS (Girls Educational and Mentoring Services) assists victims, girls and young women ages 12–24, who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking. 

Through your purchase of these fabulous limited-edition hair accessories by famed jewelry designer Erickson Beamon you can make a difference; all proceeds support GEMS.

Combine a few for a Gatsby-inspired, art-deco holiday ‘do… and feel good that your purchase made a difference in someone’s life. SHOP & SAVE A LIFE >>

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The communities of Bolivia rely on quinoa (keen-wah) production for their  livelihoods. What’s fascinating is how the life of the farmer revolves around the production of the crop, and the care with which they plant and tend to it.

I’m so accustomed to seeing foods planted & processed through machinery. Something about this human contact with the Earth just feels right, and from this city-person’s perspective it feels like something we’ve disconnected from that we need to return to.
Who knew that eating healthy helps more than yourself, it helps the world!

There are real video clips inserted into the powerpoint presentation starting at the 1:37 mark, once they begin to harvest the crop – which is totally cool!

Curves for Change

Congratulations to my model friends for putting together a press-filled & celebrity-studded launch party for the new Curves For Change  non-profit organization! You are all beautiful inside and out.

Founded by Supermodel/Supermom Kate Dillon and now helmed by models Bernadett Vajda + Julie Henderson, these models use their beauty and visibility to make a positive impact on women’s causes like ending human trafficking. As a member of the Board Of Directors, I contribute by creating the C4C website and we all aim to be positive role models.

Major props to whomever won those $25,000 Victoria’s Secret Runway Show tickets at the C4C silent auction- WOOT!
Looking forward to the next event…

You can donate @ curvesforchange.com.  Get involved and make a difference! 



here's the link for Mittens. thanks everybody xo


top model Paula Patrice and surfer Gerry Lopez




late this past summer i attended the Sea Paddle NYC Benefit.

my friend Marc Cosgrove (pic left) sent me this photo from the event – in the middle is the coolest, chillest guy ever, celebrity surfer Gerry Lopez.

Sea Paddle NYC is a 28-miles paddle around the island of Manhattan to benefit the Surfer's Environmental Alliance and Autism Awareness.
You can read about the event in Gerry's words here .

yeah baby, i am rockin' the tan lines LOL! 


pic (c) John Decker Photography 2007 



i attended the We Are Family Foundation benefit with my friend Joseph.

WAFF was founded by prolific musician Nile Rodgers and supports education and cultural diversity.

 mickey dolenz and paula patrice at the we are family foundation benefit joseph dejesus and paula patrice at the we are family foundation benefit

joseph dejesus, nile rodgers and paula patrice