I know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s real.

My Mom turned me on to eBates and I’ve gotten $300+ cash back so far. Yay, free money! Thanks Mom

All you do is click through the eBates website to the store you’re purchasing from. Your computer automatically registers the click-thru and that’s it! Buy your stuff the same as you normally do, and eBates sends you a cash rebate between 2%-10% of your purchase.

If you forget, like I do, and add everything to your shopping cart, no worries – just close the store’s site, go to ebates, search for the store, click the link… then check out from the same site you were just on.

VoilΓ‘! Free money for you, too!

Use this link and you’ll get $10 just for signing up… and there’s no catch. Nada.
No spam, no marketing, just checks in the mail. Kaching $

 Paula Patrice eBay

well maybe not literally, but figuratively

I'm selling off all of the crazy fashion, couture and little "trucs" i've acquired during my globe-trotting modeling years.

It's a 300 square foot climate-controlled closetful so I've got my assistant Loni to help me, and it'll take a few months.

You can view the action as it goes down on my personal eBay page (click here) .

If you've got a size 10 / 41 shoe or wear a size 6, this may be your lucky season!!!

Galliano, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, oh my gosh the most gorgeous Gucci vintage stilettos… and hot pink stiletto patent leather Stuart Weitzman boots!

Check me out, please give my stuff a good home! xo 


i have found some GREAT deals recently on orbitz. they must get exclusives with some airlines and hotels, cuz i dont find the same price on any other website.

If you're going to LA, use orbitz to book a room at the Roosevelt Hotel in West Hollywood. Normally $700/night they sell rooms on orbitz for $250. Teddy's celeb-packed nightclub is in the lobby of the Roosevelt, and it's across from the Kodak Theater (American Idol-land).


everyone asks me what i use to clean my face. true, all the makeup can take its toll!

i use this simple face wash and it takes everything off in one swoop!

thoroughly clean face wash

best of all, it is really inexpensive and this size lasts me about a year.

no matter what type of skin you have, this basic tea tree oil non-soap gently cleanses & disinfects. sometimes it's best just to get back to basics!

Here's a link to get it for yourself at the best price i've found.

$8 for 32 oz. 

Nice on the budget!






I'm still looking for a link to my other face cream online, but this is the one i buy for my mom.
her skin is more sensitive than mine, and this frenchie plant-based cream makes her face GLOW!

click thru this link to save $10 on your purchase: $10 off $60 at Beauty.com – search for "Lierac"

Founded in 1975, Lierac Laboratories specializes in “Active Phytocosmetics” – the formulation of cosmetic products with plant-derived molecules whose effectiveness, active properties and safety have been well proven. Lierac offers innovative skincare products to help prevent and repair the appearance of visible skin damage.

Business & Personal Loans. Great Rates. Prosper.

Prosper is an online community where people come together for lending and borrowing money.

Bidding on borrowers' loans, lenders get great returns by offering great rates. And that means everybody does better.



peer-to-peer lending. apparently it is the new thing.

post your needs – say, $500 – and real people contribute to your loan at x% interest. 

alternatively, some of you folks who are more monetarily endowed can loan out money in any increment and get interest back! 

forget the bank!

ya gotta love finding a deal, and Choice Hotels has some great ones in Miami right now!

they must've renovated older apartment-hotels into nice corporatey rooms, cuz hotels popped up out of nowhere.
you guys who have been to south beach know what im talkin' about.
some of those old hotels are just so nasty!
but sometimes you just don't wanna pay to play.Choice Hotels South Beach Miami

i got such a good rate i reserved ahead for late Oct, earlly Dec, New Year's Eve, and a couple other short getaways. heah.
lock in the rate now, make a decision later. that's a smart traveler!

check it out! oh- and they have lots of pet friendly locations too. woof.


so normally you'd think free cards are cruddy cards, right?

but i actually print mine here, and they are FAB!

yes, you can get a batch for free, but you have to pay shipping & they have a logo on the back.

the better deal is to order 100 cards for $10, design them two-sided and full color,
…and get free shipping

then, if you're obsessive like me, you'll also order matching memo pads, note cards, postcards… oh, the choices!
i even made magnets LOL


click here to get the special offer:


And by the way, for you non-artsy types?

They have a design wizard that walks you through creating your biz card from one of hundreds of templates…

so no worries, it's easy as 3-2-done!