Was it deception or delusion?

Our brains lie to us. Our brains practically demandΒ we eat an entire pint of ice cream at midnight or drink another glass of wine at 1am. We rationalize it’s okay because in that moment we are emotionally alive!

Free-spirited, caution-to-the-wind, live-for-today emotions remind us of our younger years when a small misstep was met with a quick recovery and our brains encourage us to relive those moments as we get older.Β 

70 million American consumers bought the “barefoot running” vision, but they forgot about evolution.

I purchased Vibram 5Fingers because their marketing message of feeling earth beneath my feet brought back memories of running in the grass barefoot, through a sprinkler or on the rainy pavement of my family’s driveway. The premise of Vibram’s marketing makes sense in our brains; running barefoot is the human body’s intended engineering.

However, our physical reality is that we do wear shoes and our bodies have adapted to them. Our gait compensates for heel height, foot pronation for impact, arch shape for fit. Most of us don’t live in a barefoot world anymore.

‘Naked running’ is like taking the rubber off your car’s tires.

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I can. I will. I must. (repeat) Β I CAN! I WILL! I MUST! (repeat)

mmm chipsServe yourself as you’d serve a guest.Β You deserve better than eating out of a bag, and it’s an elegant way to practice portion control.

If God meant for me to snack on carrots

He would have washed them

& put them in the bakery section.

it was a long day – we shot in a park in long island. nice to be in the fresh air tho!

paula patrice fitness mag shoot 

a few outtakes from the road… miami is rockin!
beautiful, sunny, and inspiring as always.

here's a few from the job yesterday. im so proud to be representing the Burt's Bees brand!
shooting again tomorrow… much more to come.



i found the book "Eat Right For Your Type" very interesting. it isn't another lose-weight-quick scheme, but instead a study of our ancestor's living conditions and diets, and subsequently a history-based breakdown of the ancestral diet based on blood type.

i'll bet you never considered that your blood type is an indicator of where & what part of the history of civilization you're from! Eat Right 4 Your Type recommended by Paula Patrice

i def recommend the book, and i also purchased the supplemental blood-type-specific book that breaks down good & bad foods.


listen, it may not be the end-all be-all of health and diet, but at least you're making an attempt to do something

I love this invaluable book! enjoy! 


listen, i know it's a pain to remember to take your vitamins in the morning. Vitacost.com
with our food supply so depleted & bioengineered, just put a lil effort into it, ok?
it'll help you to grow old gracefully.

best place to stock up? Vitacost.
my mom actually turned me on to this company & ive used them for years.

my #1 recommendation is Pycnogenol, a french maritime pine bark extract that is a very powerful antioxidant.

my #2 is coral calcium. i wanna be standing tall when im old! 

and Vitacost has the best prices hands down!