Vibin’ this new song by Two Door Cinema Club.
Actually, the entire album rocks.

They’re coming to Hammerstein Ballroom NYC in concert this Fall.

I’m so there!

Poor Carly Rae Jepson, all psyched up to throw out the first pitch of the ball game… and then this. A 7 foot toss… how mortifying! Teehee

We are so accustomed to computer-generated graphics, it’s hard to believe this is 100% human-generated beauty!

Like the song in the video? I did, so I bought it! You can find more music by Yasmine Hamdan here. I wonder if she’s considered Qatar pop?

THE CHALLENGE: ย Prove ‘The Power of X’ by attempting an Idea Worth Doing to open TEDxSUMMIT in Doha, Qatar.

WE ARE Pi collaborated with the Koener Union and Parisโ€™ BIG Productions. Together, they fused architecture, dance, math and magic into a bespoke18-meter high triangular mirrored structure that hovered over a multi-colour moving floor to create the worldโ€™s first Human Arabesque (with no computer graphics).

Just wow!

the private party was lovely!

im not sure how i felt about Lou Gramm's performance, tho natch the nostalgia of Foreigner gives me the warm fuzzies. but as someone in the field of "the performing arts", it got me thinking that maybe there is a time to retire gracefully.

what do u think?

Paula Patrice at Tao
nonetheless, very entertaining. he started really rockin it out when the energy in the room picked up!
and many many thanks to captain Princeton for hookin me up on the special allergy-free dinner!
it was yumz!


Buy Chetes new album Blanco Facil on iTunes

The New Sound of Mexico, Sung in a Nashville Accent

Gerardo Garza, who goes by his lifelong nickname, Chetes, is the floppy-haired, dirty-blonde It Boy of the alternative rock scene in Monterrey, Mexico.

The producer is Ken Coomer, a Nashville studio whiz who played drums for the new-school Americanists Wilco and Uncle Tupelo, two bands Mr. Garza had only recently heard.
Read on…

I just bought the album and the single Completemente. Lovin’ it!


I swear it’s the best concert I’ve ever attended. And the last time they play in the states for a while. The Garden was all-out rockin’
and even tho the dude next to me thought I had him thrown out for smoking (I didn’t but wish it was me) and his friends hassled me my seats were amazing

& the vibe of the crowd was uplifting! I took a few photos to share. I’d love to put the one of Chris Martin at the piano on a tshirt.
And btw- Gwyneth was there standin’ by her man =) Can’t blame her…