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What happens in New York City over the course of a day? People come, people go. People eat, people shop. Meh, not so interesting… until it’s mapped out in a time-lapse video of Foursquare check-ins. Mesmerizing!

Vibin’ this new song by Two Door Cinema Club.
Actually, the entire album rocks.

They’re coming to Hammerstein Ballroom NYC in concert this Fall.

I’m so there!

Sunglasses w/ swag. Shorts w/ style. Sandals w/ socks? No playa Nooo #fashion #fail

Congratulations to Antoneo Gonzalez on his Baptism at The Evangel Triumphant Church of God in Brooklyn, NY this weekend. I am honored to be included in such a meaningful ceremony.

I’ve been to many churches where Mass is attended for a quick hour out of duty, treated almost as an inconvenience that is honored out of guilt.

On the contrary, the Congregation of this small church is inspiring; a community that comes together to make Sunday a spiritual event lasting for 6 hours, praising the Lord for what they have and supporting each other to achieve what they want. It brings an intangible Spirit into the room in a tangible way — and I love the gospel singing! 

Wouldn’t you know, such an important video would be the one where the digital video file was flawed. It must’ve been all the spiritual energy messing with the digital electrons

It’s taken me some time to mute out the wind and stabilize the picture, recovering a video that captures this special day. Enjoy! ♥ 

I've finally gotten around to posting my new tv commercial.
It's been playing in every taxi in nyc, in Europe, China… well, basically all across the globe.

(give this video a minute to load) 

Just a note: the actors are making, like, zilch off the residuals while Mayor Bloomberg announces the city has spent 30 $mil on the campaign. Where's the money? No wonder there's such angst in the actor's union. 

Regardless i am honored to be in the spot, selected out of thousands to represent the city!


Here's a pic of us shooting the commercial in times square. they closed down that area of 42nd street, just below MTV studio, from 6a-1p to shoot.

 filmingtimessq_400  Imagine looking into THAT light all day?!


and here i am filming with the cast of Avenue Q. NOT a puppet show for kids- you wouldnt believe their language LOL Surprised








Major thanks to Mathew Cullen at Motion Theory for a copy of the director's cut!

Mathew and Jesus de Francisco directed the spot, and were a pleasure to work with. 3 days of chaos, floods, and crazy heat in nyc and we still got it done smiling. Sweaty, but smiling!!!


seems like everyone i know is an aries or a pisces, so there have been lots of bdays lately. 

Alex's birthday was at The Back Room, a super-exclusive super-hidden old speakeasy on the LES, nyc that my friend owns.

Thanks Johnny for hookin' our party up, we loved your place! Oh- and don't wear fur if you go, cuz they won't let u in.

Alex Court and Paula Patrice  the 'other' alex, PP and Bern


Paparazzi from Wire Image snapped designer Richie Rich and model Paula Patrice attending the 40th Anniversary of Wilhelmina Models party in New York City.

Richie Rich is the sweetest guy evahh. I love his wacky style.

And I miss my girl Jackie Millen, photographer extraordinaire, who Richie reminded me i must get back in touch with!!! 




wow- the new tv spot & worldwide campaign is getting tons of coverage… and im getting a lot of face time on the news LOL!

here's Fox 5's take, and the reaction of NYers to the new slogan This Is New York City. watch here

woot woot!!! Laughing

Mayor Bloomberg held a press conference today to launch the new NYC Tourism campaign. it's on all the news channels… so awesome!

i dont have a copy of it yet, so you can view it here . i love it! 

Paula Patrice in NYC Tourism campaign tv commercial  

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i hope you enjoyed your day of no labor, cuz It's already here… FASHION WEEK!
early this year, the first show is Wednesday at 9am.

the schedule: link

the cheat sheet: link 

 wilhelmina models

 cheers girls!




i just got the hot new copy in my hands, and it's really cute. i'm diligently adding the updates, and then it's good to go.

i've had great feedback on it, and the agency directory this edition is ROCKIN! It's really extensive, with reviews of all the agencies and everything. i spent a lot of time on it.

i hope y'all enjoy it. the pre-order list is getting long yay!


i'm thinking i'll give discounts to the people on my list who buy it. right? cuz models deserve discounts!:)