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Paula Patrice is a Vogue Magazine-featured fashion model and Time Magazine-featured technologist who has lived her entire life as an entrepreneur.

Ms. Patrice is the founder/inventor of HairThread Accessories, named Beauty Product of the Year by Allure Magazine.

She is founder/developer of the Nutrisleuth iPhone App, named a Top-10 Health App by Time Magazine. As owner of NYC-based technology development firm PPweb Technologies, Ms. Patrice leverages her experience intersecting advertising, art direction and branding with web design and programming to produce custom websites, database-driven web platforms and mobile applications for her clients.

Pioneering an information platform focused on the food allergic community, Ms. Patrice’s vision is for a ground-breaking social solution empowering people with special dietary needs.

In her “other career”, Paula Patrice is a renowned model, featured in numerous TV commercials, fashion ads and beauty campaigns. She has guided aspiring models and actors to successful careers and consulted with parents who are navigating their kids’ opportunities.

Always a pioneer, she registered her first domain names in 1997 and began blogging in 1999. In 2016 she sold one of her original domain names for $29,000.

The two greatest commodities are time and vision. The irony is that vision evolves out of experience, which takes time.

She was the Director of Technology for Curves for Change, a not-for-profit organization of fashion models using their celebrity to spotlight women-empowering charities.

A food allergy sufferer herself, Ms. Patrice aims to improve the lives of others by innovating food safety technologies that benefit both consumers and CPG brands. She further hopes to inspire women globally to embrace technology, voice their diverse passions and forge their own unique niches in the world.

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