Ok, I wanted change, I got change! Enjoy the Easy Spirit Spring/Summer campaign, because once it’s over so is my contract. Why you ask? Well, movin’ up and movin’ on! Next stop, Eileen Fisher! I’m very excited to be representing this new clothing line, as Eileen has a beautiful philosophy in life to match her beautiful, simple style of clothing.

In short, I’m feelin’ the product. In this busines, you must keep moving or someone else will surely jump ahead of you but I also want to represent products that empower us all. I’ll post some of the polaroids of the Eileen Fall 2003 catalog shoot as soon as I can.

Easter weekend I will be making an appearance at the Crystal Mall in Waterford, CT at Filenes to launch the Spring/Summer Clinique and Easy Spirit campaigns. I’m just happy to be in the Spring Spirit!!

Well, this is just a catch-up post. I will keep my journal up-to-date now, and I’m thinking you all could help me with ideas. Could you email me at ppatrice@paulapatrice.com and let me know what it is that you’d like to see, have answered or just plain INSPIRE me to write stuff on my website? That’d be peachy!! Speak to you soon, *P.