Well, that week went fast!!
The Filenes appearance went smoothly & I had a great time meeting everybody! I love getting your emails and promise to get to answering them all (Sharon, I have model contest links for you) just as soon as I return from this weekend’s trip.

I just updated my polaroids so I thought I’d post them =) These are the kind of shots you need when you’re just getting started in the biz and you submit to agencies. I do them so my agencies abroad can see how I currently look. Notice I’ve grown my hair a bit..
Everyone always wants my hair on the long side. I like it super-short, but hey, I wanna work so…


One last very important thing- There’s a scam out there whereby so-called “scouts” hand you a card and ask you to come to an open call where they take your money and post your photo on their website.
It was called e-Models, Options Models and now they’re using Wilhelmina Scouting Agency. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WILHELMINA MODELS and is A TOTAL SCAM!! (Sorry to yell there but I know girls who have handed over $1000 bux cash for nothing and I need to get my point across.)
I’ll discuss it more later, and if you’ve been approached by someone with this on their business card please drop me an email. It seems they are most prevalent in the NE.
Ok, be careful and I will see you when I return from my travels this weekend. Smiles =)

*P. ppatrice@paulapatrice.com