My friends Jojo & David, out at PM, the HOT club in NYC Jojo Shakerdge, Paula Patrice, David Dittmer


the ONLY game the giants won 2003.. cuz i was there 😉

I love FLOWERS!! (i know i always say that) these are from my friend Brandon,

and here's him & me too 

you'll see me all over JC Penney stores this Spring

my friend Nick has an awesome spa & salon in NJ (salon 5)


in LA, me & Melissa Keller met LA's finest while shooting store posters with Tom RafalovichPaula Patrice & Melissa Keller photo by Tom Rafalovich in LA


the family (my Father's gonna kill me for this one) that's my sister sonia next to me, isn't she pretty?

Hurricane Isabel Waters:

My pics of how I see the chaos which is NYC at night:

My sister Sonia, my friend Billy:


the postcard I autograph if you request one:


My cousin's grad party, headed to Atlantic City, and Bennie (ain't he cute??)


A giggle: if ya wanna chat Me, photographed by myself:


How cute are my agents?

A Happy Independence Day!! Dig my hat? =)


Poster of me in Bed Bath & Beyond:


Mariah concert. She was good, but her wardrobe didn't help her any 😉


I made a couple public appearances at the mall for promotions. Here's Brookstone. Buy my $110 pillow! (so comfy!)

And at Filenes with the store manager Margaret. Nice lady!



Laff it up =)