A Must-See! Paula Patrice Interviewed on Untether.TV

NutriSleuth iPhone App brings together all of my passions- technology, health/wellness, and even beautiful design. This is the latest project by me and my PPweb Technologies Team, a year in the making.
It’s been a labor of love, and I hope you’ll check it out; I’m very proud of what we created!

PS- do you think i look like a bobblehead in this interview? im so darn overanimated perky!


Update:  Unfortunately the company Nutrisleuth LLC was just too underfunded and understaffed. The app was voluntarily (and regretfully) removed from the iTunes store in Dec 2010. All members of the company were dismayed at letting down the thousands of consumers who downloaded the app.

Sometimes great ideas fall short of becoming great companies; timing, funding and a strong business foundation all contribute to a company’s success.