The Original Supermodel: Carmen Dell’Orefice

Carmen Dell'Orefice in the Rouge F/W12 Campaign

Carmen Dell’Orefice in the Rouge F/W12 Campaign

Carmen is ah-maze-ing! At 81 years old she came out of retirement when her savings was lost to Bernie Madoff, but no boo-hooing from her. She went straight to work on the Armani campaign.

She’s been modeling since the age of 13, steadily employed the entire time. Six Vogue covers. More runways than we can count. Oozing class and sophistication from every tiny pore.

Here is an insightful, recent interview by Pip Cummings on Daily Life website.

Did you know she was often dropped into foster care? That she grew up in Depression-era New York in 1931? Modeled topless for Salvador Dali? Can you imagine!

Carmen believes “in an energy world – we’re all energy. Thoughts are held in the energy world. Energy goes to energy. Nothing is lost. Nothing is gained. It only changes shape and form.”

I love how genuine and candid Carmen is. There’s a lesson to be learned, that vibrancy and spirit on the inside are picked up by the camera on the outside.