Crazies, Meet Craigs List: A True Story

A true story of my search for an admin assistant. Luckily, I found a gem… NOT on Craigs ListWink


Dear Craigs List Service Provider,

Your website portfolio is beautiful, your skills extensive, your resume impressive. I must hire you now!

Your resume has been posted religiously for weeks, and with every post it gets more impressive. 6 weeks ago you typed 40 WPM and this week you are up to 90 WPM. Kudos to you!
Not only do you type 90 WPM but you also do web design. And programming! Wow, do you know how great this is? I have a web development company, so now I can lay off everybody, kick back in my chair and just let you use Dreamweaver to achieve the impressive results in your portfolio. Wahoo!
You say you do Quickbooks too? And you organize? And you're available 24/7? Perfect- I happen to work 20/7/365!

So I drop you a line. Let's meet up? Sure ok let's do that, you want to come to my office? Oh you aren't available to walk the 2 blocks from the train? Hrmm well I'm not sure I can bring my office to you.
Oh look, another email from you, you need the exercise so you'll do it? Gee, I don't want you to go out of your way. I mean yeah I walk that route 2 or 3 times a day, but I completely understand that you need to save your energy to type those 90 WPM.

I suggest we do it at 9am Monday, start fresh. Oh, too early? Ok, email me a time that works for you.

Oh good, an email from you. Hi, yes, thanks for checking in, we spoke last week and I'm still waiting for you to get back to me with a time for us to meet. I appreciate the email, but could you write a day & time in it?

Oh good, another email from you. Hi, You say you're really busy with clientele right now and so you've been unable to get back to me? No problem… I see you've religiously posted your Craigs List ad every day at 2pm, I'm glad you can find the time between your client appointments that require no walking to get to.

No I'm sorry I can't do Friday @ 8pm, seeing as this is our first meeting I thought we could do it during daylight hours, so you could get a feeling for how you'd integrate into my workflow. Alright so just let me know when you can do it.

[insert 20 days here]

Oh hiiiiii nice to hear from you…  what was it we were discussing, some services you provide? Why don't you speak to my NEW ADMIN ASSISTANT and she can work in a meeting in between the WEB WORK i do for my BUSY CLIENTELE.


So I ask:  Why take the time to advertise to those of us seeking services if you do not want to provide those services? 

Read on to get the full scoop on Michael's cyber-bullying… The bookkeeper who first ignored my email, then pretended he didn't get it, then popped out of nowhere to email-bully me.

All you readers who are Googling "Michael Koutroupis  MDK Bookkeeping " from Craigs List, you'll want to read what follows…

(start at the bottom and read up for sequential order. it's worth the read!)


On Dec 28, 2010, at 7:00 PM, Michael Koutroupis wrote:

The reason I did not reply to your first email is because due my experience you sounded like a no where to go potential client. I decided to reply to your second email and that is exactly what I thought. Nowhere to go client.

Date: December 15, 2010 10:26:10 AM EST

To: "*PP Mobile*" <>
Subject: Re: services

I see

MDK Bookkeeping LLC
Michael D. Koutroupis
Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

From: *PP Mobile* <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 05:22:30 -0500
To: Michael Koutroupis<>
Subject: Re: services

Yes thx. I am traveling and haven't had a chance to respond to your questions yet.

– sent from PP mobile –


On Dec 14, 2010, at 11:51 PM, Michael Koutroupis <> wrote:

Did you get my email?


On Dec 13, 2010, at 2:30 PM, Michael Koutroupis wrote:


Software: I work with a lot Mac clients. Mac QuickBooks versions are bad versions, though are getting better and more user friendly and with less complications. The 2011 Mac QuickBooks version would be your choice to use QuickBooks. Online QuickBooks version luck many features all quick book versions have. It's a marketing gimmick.

Traveling: Exactly at what stop on the train are you located and how far are you the train. I won't take buses or walk long distances since I am no paying for that.

Fee: Minimum 3 hours. 30$ per hour




From: *PP Mobile* []
Sent: Monday, December 13, 2010 2:02 PM
To: Michael Koutroupis
Subject: Re: services
your email address that the ad went to was diff from this one… just fyi. maybe im not the only inquiry you have missed.

Paula Patrice       

On Dec 13, 2010, at 1:57 PM, Michael Koutroupis wrote:

Hello Paula
I have not received an email from you. Are you sure you sent it to me? Most people are shopping online for services and I send emails to numerous people and then they forget to whom they sent the emails. Please resend me that email and I will reply to it as soon as I can.
MDK Bookkeeping LLC
Michael D. Koutroupis

From: *PP Mobile* []
Sent: Monday, December 13, 2010 1:10 AM
Subject: services
hi, i emailed you for information on your services. i thought i would make a second request on the off chance my email was misplaced….

Paula Patrice