My Website Services Company

PPweb Web Services LogoThis is the year of reorganization, including my website development business.
My oh my how it has grown, but organically, the way a business should. It's not just website design and programming anymore- everything is integrated, so over the years I've become full service. 


PPweb is a full service web development company providing domain name brainstorming & url registration, hosting, information architecture, database development, user interfaces (UI), design, programming, social networking integration, web app & iPhone app development, CMS, ecommerce, merchant accounts, SEO – it's the whole package whittled down to the best technologies, all in one place with one POC  – me, Paula Patrice!


I have quite a large team now at PPweb.Net and we are turning out some beautiful websites, each optimized for web 2.0 but nothing based on a fad. Technology needs to be scaleable, tried and true, reliable, and most important clean.

A lot of people don't realize that clean coding is really important for SEO. Search engine robots will skip over indexing your site – ie no google listing – if your house isn't in order!

More on that and a lot more later… once PPweb.Net becomes PPweb.Com in January 2010. 

New beginnings, new passions, same ol' fashion tech geek me =)