NutriSleuth iPhone App

The latest technology innovated by my company, PPweb Technologies, is powering the NutriSleuth iPhone App. It is a life saver, literally.

Not only does it make Mom’s life easier at the grocery store, but it has severity settings that no other product can offer. A Mild severity setting allows it to be used as a tool to “just eat healthy” while Anaphylactic settings account for cross-contamination, important for those who have extreme sensitivities, like kids with peanut and dairy super-severe food allergies.

This has been a work-in-progress for a total of 16 months, and I am pleased as a gluten-free gummybear to share the App with a world of people who need it… myself included!

Look for NutriSleuth Android in 2011,  new Allergy and other Nutrition Criteria being added later this year, and me… behind my computer working, when I’m not in front of the camera. Ah, the dichotomy of it all.

:  Unfortunately the company Nutrisleuth LLC was just too underfunded and understaffed. The app was voluntarily (and regretfully) removed from the iTunes store in Dec 2010. All members of the company were dismayed at letting down the thousands of consumers who downloaded the app.

Sometimes great ideas fall short of becoming great companies; timing, funding and a strong business foundation all contribute to a company’s success.