Welcome To My Blog… Founded 1999.

Original Blog Design For PaulaPatrice.com circa 1999

Original Website & Blog Design For PaulaPatrice.com circa 1999

I first began blogging in 1999. We didn’t call it blogging, and I wasn’t sure why I was doing it except that it was fun. Here we are 15 years later and the world hasn’t changed in the ways I thought it would, nor could I have imagined how tech-dependent we’d become.

My “job” for double decades has been to convey a message to you, the public, via an image without the use of words. I’m a fashion model.

My “other job” is conveying a message via virtual imagery. I make websites.

I chose two professions where talking isn’t a prerequisite. In short, I emit a quiet external existence, but dang it’s noisy inside my head! 

Let’s share our experiences and engage through this website, our social medias and chat forums. After all, it’s a tiny world when everything is only happening in your head.

Thanks for stopping by,