Somebody Worship The Lord! Antoneo’s Baptism At Age 23.

Congratulations to Antoneo Gonzalez on his Baptism at The Evangel Triumphant Church of God in Brooklyn, NY this weekend. I am honored to be included in such a meaningful ceremony.

I’ve been to many churches where Mass is attended for a quick hour out of duty, treated almost as an inconvenience that is honored out of guilt.

On the contrary, the Congregation of this small church is inspiring; a community that comes together to make Sunday a spiritual event lasting for 6 hours, praising the Lord for what they have and supporting each other to achieve what they want. It brings an intangible Spirit into the room in a tangible way — and I love the gospel singing! 

Wouldn’t you know, such an important video would be the one where the digital video file was flawed. It must’ve been all the spiritual energy messing with the digital electrons 😀

It’s taken me some time to mute out the wind and stabilize the picture, recovering a video that captures this special day. Enjoy! ♥