I've finally gotten around to posting my new tv commercial.
It's been playing in every taxi in nyc, in Europe, China… well, basically all across the globe.

(give this video a minute to load) 

Just a note: the actors are making, like, zilch off the residuals while Mayor Bloomberg announces the city has spent 30 $mil on the campaign. Where's the money? No wonder there's such angst in the actor's union. 

Regardless i am honored to be in the spot, selected out of thousands to represent the city!


Here's a pic of us shooting the commercial in times square. they closed down that area of 42nd street, just below MTV studio, from 6a-1p to shoot.

 filmingtimessq_400  Imagine looking into THAT light all day?!


and here i am filming with the cast of Avenue Q. NOT a puppet show for kids- you wouldnt believe their language LOL Surprised








Major thanks to Mathew Cullen at Motion Theory for a copy of the director's cut!

Mathew and Jesus de Francisco directed the spot, and were a pleasure to work with. 3 days of chaos, floods, and crazy heat in nyc and we still got it done smiling. Sweaty, but smiling!!!