Wizardly Allergy Tales:
William Edwards Books For Kids

Stacie Berg is an award-winning journalist and allergy mom. With her son Jonathan, an engaging book series was created to empower kids with food allergies. It’s through mediums like books and films that allergies will become no big thing and we will change the self-esteem of this generation of kids… and as a result stop future bullying.

William Edwards targets kids 8 – 12 years old. By this age, kids usually have already been diagnosed and have a pretty good understanding of what the diagnosis means in terms of food restrictions. However, it is at about this age that exclusion as a result of dietary restrictions becomes more pronounced and when kids begin to feel the impact of being different from their peers.

Stacie gets a PP Positivity Star!!! 

From Stacie:

We’re so please to announce the launch of the new William Edwards Book Series with our first novel in the series, William Edwards and the Wizardly Glasses! William, like so many kids today, has a severe food allergy and celiac!

The William Edwards Book Series is all about empowering kids with food allergies, celiac, and/or gluten sensitivity. It pokes fun at the self-involved parents who purchase William off of the Internet (on sale, no less!) and who throw mustard parties — with plenty of gluten! — forgetting that their son is allergic to mustard and has celiac. They represent the uneducated people that kids (and their parents) encounter. As the story continues, William learns to roll his eyes at their thoughtless behaviors, learns to protect himself, and makes friends with kids who help protect him. He also grows as a character and begins to take the lead on many adventures all the while being conscientious about what he eats.