this is beyond cool, & it's actually affordable!

Zero G plane ride

if anyone buys it, please take me Laughing 


Treat yourself and 9 of your bestest friends- Go Weightless!!

Like Nothing on Earth!   gforce2
The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly like Superman can now be yours. Train with an expert coach, board our specially modified aircraft, G-FORCE ONE , and experience the unforgettable.

Experience zero gravity the only way possible without going to space. Parabolic flight is the same method NASA has used to train its astronauts for the last 45 years and the same way Tom Hanks floated in Apollo 13.

How It Works? 
Weightless Flight (also known as Parabolic Flight) is achieved aboard ZERO-G's Boeing 727 aircraft named G-FORCE ONE. Weightlessness is achieved by flying G-FORCE ONE through a parabolic flight maneuver. Specially trained pilots fly these maneuvers between approximately 24,000 and 34,000 feet altitude. Each parabola takes 10 miles of airspace to perform and lasts approximately one minute from start to finish.

The maneuver is somewhat like a roller coaster in that the plane is initially pulled up to approximately 45 degrees 'nose high'.  Next the plane is 'pushed over' the top to reach the zero-gravity segment of the parabolas. For the next 25 – 30 seconds everything in the plane is weightless. At approximately 30 degrees 'nose low' a gentle pull-out is started which allows the Flyers to stabilize on the aircraft floor. Finally, the g-force is increased smoothly to about 1.8 g's until the aircraft reaches a flight altitude of 24,000 feet. The maneuver is then repeated.

The weightlessness experienced by everyone inside the airplane is actually equivalent to the type of "free fall" you experience when sky diving. In this case however, the body of the aircraft surrounds you and protects you from the on-rushing wind. At the end of the free fall period, the aircraft also scoops you up and carries you back up to the top of the arc to begin the free fall process again.

In addition to achieving zero-g or weightlessness, G-FORCE ONE can also fly a parabola designed to offer Lunar (1/6th) or Martian (1/3rd) gravity. These reduced gravity environments are also created with a modified parabola that is not quite as steep as zero gravity parabola.

Our minimum age for passengers is 12 when flying with a parent or guardian and 15 when flying without adult supervision. We have no maximum age limit and have had several passengers in their 90's enjoy our experience.

All passengers will be asked to sign a Medical History Form that includes a series of questions pertaining to certain medical conditions. If you do not have any of these conditions, it will not be necessary to consult with a doctor. If you do have any of the indicated conditions, you must confer with your personal physician and obtain his/her sign-off (a 'fit to fly' letter). If you are pregnant, have heart or back problems, you should consult your physician to see if this experience is appropriate for you.


i don't have a heart condition now, but i may have a heart attack if i get to go!!!

all for a measly $35k for 10 ppl. THAT'S CHEAP for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!