Choices have sacrifices. That means giving up something that you want for something that you want more.


“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”
– Helen Keller

Alone, all alone. Nobody but nobody can make it out here alone. –Maya Angelou

Take THAT overpriced iCloud. After spending $500 for an iPhone customers should be provided free backup storage sufficient for the device’s memory. After all, isn’t device failure the reason I backup in the first place?

Today, again I am within 300MB of my iCloud 20GB limit for my new iPhone 5S 64GB. Apple is hoping my desperation leads me to push the “upgrade iCloud” button and spend an additional $100 to keep my data safe.

We buy an overpriced iPhone and pay exorbitant fees to backup our data for when Apple’s hardware fails. We’re suckers!

Not this time! Here’s what you do…

Sign up for a free Dropbox cloud account online. Then, get this free Dropbox App, install it on your iPhone and voíla – automatic backups of your media to Dropbox, accessible from anywhere, 100% secure. Refer a few friends and you get extra Dropbox space for free.

Why choose Dropbox? It’s free and the company still has integrity. They aren’t greedy like Apple and they aren’t spying like Google (you did know they read your gmail, right?).

Get the Dropbox iPhone App here.

Sign up for your free Dropbox cloud space here.

And now you’re saving money

“It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things.”
– Theodore Roosevelt

Were you handed a card at the mall by a “Scout” who thinks your child is perfect for the Baby Gap campaign? Heard a radio ad that “advertisers are looking for talent in your area for tv commercials”? 

You probably wondered if it’s too good to be true, and I hate to break your reality bubble but yes, you’re probably about to get scammed.

Do you know the difference between a Casting Agent and a Model Scout? If the answer is “No” then you’re putting your child’s safety (and your wallet) at risk. 

Talent Scouts are nothing more than middle men who, in turn, pitch the talent they find to Casting Directors. Talent Scouts are recruiters; they need to move volume in order to bank commissions.

Casting Agents work on behalf of real clients to find appropriate talent options for a specific job. They may “cast” 500 kids to find the perfect one, but all 500 of those kids did, in fact, have a chance at an actual job.

This isn’t to say that Talent Scouts don’t occasionally place a model with a top agency… But the odds are not in your favor.

So I pose this question:

If you were looking for a job would you apply directly to a company’s Human Resource Department or would you go to a Job Fair, pay a Recruiter to post your resume on their website and nervously await feedback?

You probably just answered your own question. Business is business, even when it’s the business of modeling. You’re applying for a job. It should feel professional and be free of charge.

And by the way, I posted the Fall 2013 Baby GAP casting in my Facebook feed and a FB friend’s son booked the ENTIRE campaign. Casting directors use their trusted social network to find new talent. So, don’t be shy… Connect with me on FB!


Are you sure you want to model for a living? Read my article on the changing fashion industry and how it’s affecting model work.

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no fear graphic

You can’t hide from defeat without also hiding from greatness. 

I can. I will. I must. (repeat)  I CAN! I WILL! I MUST! (repeat)

Google Map Settings - Tip

I don’t know when or how it happened, but I found myself in a new, interactive version of Google Maps… and I wasn’t happy. Since I figured out how to revert back to the classic version, I thought I’d share.

Still bitter about losing my Google Maps iPhone App I have no patience for browser-based map “engagement.” A map should be a map.

I don’t know why Google thinks I want to “visually explore” using their map. In fact, I want to get from A to B, and know if there’s a Starbucks in between. 

If your browser auto-upgraded, pull up and click on the HELP [?] icon in the lower right corner. Choose “Return to classic Google Maps” from the popup. 

Call me a Purist, a Simpleton, an Old Fogey, but I’m finding simple and practical are features of the past.

Let’s hope that, like a classic Armani suit, developers realize that there’s a market for “less features, more function.”


Scars remind us where we’ve been. They don’t have to dictate where we’re going. 

The only thing separating a man from his destiny is himself.

bad photoshop

I won’t name the retailer using this image on their homepage, but YEEGADS

The most important advice for clients is this: 

If you’re spending all that money on a photoshoot, make sure you spend as generously on the post-production.

A lot can be done in post-production Photoshop to save an image if the color is off, the lighting went wrong, or the clothes are wrinkled. A good retoucher with retail experience knows how far to take an image while maintaining the integrity. But there are bad retouchers who can destroy all the hard work that goes into a shoot with a few clicks. 

As seen here:

Lady In Red is sitting… on thin air. They removed her stool.

There must’ve been a shadow to the left. It’s blue, white, and ghostly. WTH?

Lady In Blue has a pointed shoulder blade and abnormal waist. Somebody went all Barbie on her.

We won’t even discuss Lady In Red’s expression. Caught at the wrong moment by the camera… Really, there wasn’t a better shot to choose from?

Every model’s nightmare. How did this get approved??? Epic Fail!

“Fight like you’re right. Listen like you’re wrong.”  – Former CEO of Intel and Silicon Valley legend Andy Grove

“Use whatever tools you have to create something you are proud of and get the job done.”  –  Tim Gunn

Celebrities’ bad behavior is glorified in the press, but you aren’t Justin Bieber, Naomi Campbell or Charlie Sheen. Unless you’re a high-earning celebrity, the high-maintenance ‘tude is a red flag to agents and eventually will land you back on the street.

Adam Lieblein, founder of Acme Talent Agency, tells us 7 ways to Lose An Agent In One Step:

1- Call daily and nag your agent about your schedule.
Your agent is doing their best to get you seen. Stop doubting their abilities.

2- Ask to reschedule audition times.
Agencies consider themselves lucky to get slots from casting directors. Be grateful you got a slot.

3- Skip auditions; hope nobody notices.
See #2. You just took up a slot that could have been reassigned to a grateful actor.

4- Badmouth agents and clients on Facebook.
We actually sign confidentiality agreements at auditions and jobs these days.

5- Complain a lot on set.
Jobs are handled by production experts and you aren’t one of them. Roll with it.

6- Be late for an early morning call time.
Every. Minute. Counts. If you’re missing at a 5:10am call time the client will call your agent at 5:14am. At home.

7- Leave drunken messages on agent voicemails.
Brainstorms, messages of appreciation, appointment confirmations… 
Keep it short, sweet and sober.

These things seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how frequently they happen. Don’t let them happen to you. Be a Professional, say please and thank you, and keep your opinions to yourself.

Read Adam’s entire article in the Casting Networker here.