I normally share these fun videos on my Facebook, but this is too cute not to post here.

This dog is not allowed on the bed. Watch what happens when his owners leave (but set up a hidden camera!)

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You’re made into a My Little Pony!  

Or in this case, My Little Lagerfeld created by artist Mari Kasurinen.

Loves it!  Next up… a Lagerfeld Chia Pet?

A hilarious parody!!!  Working with rent-a-babies is no laughing matter though, it’s tough!

This baby romper is so clever, I totally Fancy’d it.

Not sure where Fancy is headed… but I’m discovering fun stuff!

So cute! They also have buck teeth pacifiers, mustaches…
I’ve never seen these before but I’ll be buying them as gifts!

This book is a celebration of feisty females everywhere! Canadian author Robert Munsch has created  a smart, empowered Princess whose Prince Charming is snatched away by a dragon as they’re about to marry.

With her clothes burned by his fiery breath, she dons a fashionable paper bag and races off to save her prince- who promptly criticizes her appearance. Pfffft

Setting an example for fearless females, our heroine outsmarts the dragon, dumps the self-involved prince and lives happily ever after in all her Fierceness.  A great lesson geared towards children ages 4-8 years, and a great self-confidence refresher for women ages 14-48!!!

Get The Paper Bag Princess here, and read the positive reviews for 1000 more reasons why you need to buy it.

here's the link for Mittens. thanks everybody xo


cuz really, there's no such thing as too many pics of Milo!

Paula Patrice and her cute dog Milo

he's my cutie patootie! what a peaceful morning on the cove…