When you think about the facts, the small fish eat the plastic > the big fish eat the small fish > the humans eat the big fish. Β 

The food chain adds up to plastic in our bellies.

Know what’s made of plastic? Poopie diapers!
Ewww so gross!

Look at this infographic proving you’re eating your own trash. Recycling is a hassle but it is sooo important.

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I try to be aware of my environmental impact, but none of the sonic machines or non-hazardous-chemical silver cleaners get the tarnish off my jewelry grrr! My mom looked everywhere for the Connoisseurs brand we used when I was a kid, but it was nowhere to be found.

Not so fast – turns out the company just changed its packaging! So here is the still-hard-to-find, illegal-in-California, cancer-causing, super-smelly-but-works-amazing Connoisseurs Silver Cleaner. Β It’s magic!Β 

Wear gloves, don’t breathe, and only dip for 10 seconds max!

PS: if anyone has found an effective alternative, tell me!