i am who i am …and i really am me!

so i’ve been taking a ribbing from my online forum friends, seeing as there is no real way to prove that i am me.
silly as that may sound, it got me thinking – how does one prove in the online world that they are who they say, yet not lose the privacy that the internet provides?

i mean, given the con man situation i recently experienced (yeah, read below if you missed it), who can you trust?
and in this age of online monikers, how do you know who is real? aside from posting a picture of course, but even then many people that post pictures on the web either alter them or post fake pics.
i dont know how to solve this. i’m not sure it needs solving. it’s just something that keeps arising.
and further, what bothers me about it is that it belittles all the work that i put into this website, and makes my words seem hollow.

i started my site to touch real people, to communicate with model wanabes… to be real.

and even more, whats so great about me that someone would actually want to impersonate me?! heah. that one really gets me. you want my life? TAKE IT!

like i said, just thoughts i wanted to share. i have lots of updates to post, but ive been creating a new website on a new server using a new language & applications, so i havent posted much new til i have that up and running.

see, new site but journal page still isnt completed
and if i wasnt sitting in this hotel room i could do more, but i am so i can’t.

but at least im sitting here being me =)