karma, are you serious?!

HEY KARMA – what did i do to deserve this *%!#?!

So, ask my why i havent been updating. Go ahead, ask me.

1. my apartment building burned down

2. my father passed away

3. i was conned

…in no particular order of trauma.

so i find out that this guy who has been pretending to be a very famous photographer and friend of mine for almost THREE YEARS is a fraud. Yes kids, i was conned.
But he got others… for… ahem… 4 million dollar$$$$$.
Thanks to gut instinct, he only took me for a lunch and a dinner.

So, where do we start?
Let's start with the newspaper article coming out on Monday in the New York Post.
here's the first article

i'm minding my own biz, riding the train home, and i flip the page to see my friend's pic on a full page… scam what huh?
no, i'm not the model-victim they speak about. but i could have been. not only did this man scam people, he took their life savings.
sick, huh?

i felt compelled to come forward with all of the 50 bazillion emails this Alexis character sent me, telling me he was hanging with all these super-famous people…
telling me he was someone else. trying to get my money!
and that's what you'll be reading monday in the paper. i gave permission to use my name and evidence because it was the right thing to do.

so monday, may 22nd 2006, the day my daddy is laid to rest, so will the matter of Alexis Quinlin be.

this is the UK versionof the article i contributed to

here is the DA's indictment

and here, folks, is the final verdict! Tongue out  karma's a b!tch man, and don't your forget it!