moving on to the apartment fire…

yup, Fire.

luckily, this is not a picture of my apt, it's the one below me that started the fire. mine? not much better.

ARSON. yup. thx for almost killing me mr. arsonist

so, 5am on a saturday morning i wake up choking on smoke, dreaming of BBQ.
no joke. can't see even 3 feet in front of me.

5 foot tall wall of smoke, no air at the ground b/c its comin from below me.
im like ok, time to get out. via my 4th story window… cuz there's no escape, no fire escape, nada.
and the nice firemen that show up below me don't see me.
curtain wrapped around my head, trying to breathe, trying to get their attention before i passed out…

–> interject a couple things here…

first, leaning out your window isn't gonna help in this situation b/c the smoke bellows up, therefore no one can see you when you lean out.
second, models take note: my portfolio was on the other end of my apartment, in the living room… nowhere near where i could reach it.
as was my wallet, passport, etc… careless. i had nothing and i had no escape.

nice planning P!
well, obviously, they found me. when that flashlight beam hit me and i heard "there's someone up there" as the windows on the floor below me blew out, glass flying to the street… well, i thought i was dead just before i knew i was saved.

…didnt wait for mr fireman to come up, as soon as they had that ladder at my window i was climbin down!
to be honest, i dont remember climbing onto the ladder. i just remember aaaaaaaair. boy O2 is good!
i will never abuse my lungs. recreational smoke will never enter my body.

i'm alive, i'm breathin' and i'm cherishing life.