7 Bad Behaviors That Will Get You Fired By Your Agent

Celebrities’ bad behavior is glorified in the press, but you aren’t Justin Bieber, Naomi Campbell or Charlie Sheen. Unless you’re a high-earning celebrity, the high-maintenance ‘tude is a red flag to agents and eventually will land you back on the street.

Adam Lieblein, founder of Acme Talent Agency, tells us 7 ways to Lose An Agent In One Step:

1- Call daily and nag your agent about your schedule.
Your agent is doing their best to get you seen. Stop doubting their abilities.

2- Ask to reschedule audition times.
Agencies consider themselves lucky to get slots from casting directors. Be grateful you got a slot.

3- Skip auditions; hope nobody notices.
See #2. You just took up a slot that could have been reassigned to a grateful actor.

4- Badmouth agents and clients on Facebook.
We actually sign confidentiality agreements at auditions and jobs these days.

5- Complain a lot on set.
Jobs are handled by production experts and you aren’t one of them. Roll with it.

6- Be late for an early morning call time.
Every. Minute. Counts. If you’re missing at a 5:10am call time the client will call your agent at 5:14am. At home.

7- Leave drunken messages on agent voicemails.
Brainstorms, messages of appreciation, appointment confirmations… 
Keep it short, sweet and sober.

These things seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how frequently they happen. Don’t let them happen to you. Be a Professional, say please and thank you, and keep your opinions to yourself.

Read Adam’s entire article in the Casting Networker here.