The Return to Classic Calvin

To me, what defines a successful Calvin Klein collection is whether Creative Director Francisco Costa manages to walk the fine line of strong versus ladylike fashion while maintaining his slant towards sensuality as opposed to sexuality. The Calvin Klein label has always been minimalist, but for a while I felt it was going too structured. Everything had a belted waistline, structured collar, A-line cut, or a combination of the three! I’m old-school Calvin, I don’t want fussy, I’m looking for simple modernity, delicate fabrics, and flattering cuts that can cross over in my lifestyle between daytime casual and evening sexy.

The Calvin Klein Women’s Spring 2012 Collection offers just the right balance for classy women who want a touch ofĀ feminine innocence but still desire strong shapes. I’m coveting the spaghetti-strap slip dresses that could be worn with sandals for a day in the sun, paired with a jacket for tailored evening, and even worn for bedtime lounging. From Hamptons to St. Barths, Miami to Santa Monica – these work. Reminiscent of the nightgown trend circa 1998, I’m back in love.