Scouted: If you want to be a model, watch this show.

Listen up model wannabes and parents of potential models:  If you want to understand the process that happens from the time you get approached in the mall with a scout’s business card to going to NYC as a signed model, this show will give you a glimpse into the fast track. No, not all models have it this easy – most get rejected once they do that first test in NYC and they need to shoot more, practice more, attend open calls at agencies, send in polaroids, and work work work their way to getting signed. But in a perfect world, if a model truly has what it takes to become a Superstar, this is how it’d play out. Spend the $3, buy it on iTunes and take the time to really understand the process as well as enjoy the show. Below, my iTunes review.

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Skipping the overhyped drama of “other” model shows, Scouted is the authentic process that model wannabes experience to go from potential to possible to signed-or-not.  I’ve worked with Beri – we’re both represented by Ford Models NY – and she is the 100% real deal. A superstar known for her DKNY campaigns, designer catwalks and ability to work in just about every market, she is exactly the type of model mentor that would bring out potential if these girls have it. Charles I’ve known for many years, and he has the type of inherent talent that can’t be learned in a beauty school; his eye for edgy-but-beautiful is unparalleled. And of course, Michael Flutie, Scott Lipps and the rest of the cast have reputations for creating countless model stars. So happy they kept this about the models’ opportunity and left the drama to the other shows. Bought my season pass and watched the first 4 shows back-to-back to catch up!