It isn’t the first time I’ve seen this “selling strategy”. What happened to advertising for the average woman? 

Many argue that the average American woman is a size 12 and using that average woman in clothing catalogs isn’t sensible for an advertiser. Ok, I get it. Advertisers don’t want too much reality.

I’m all for aiming ads at the ideal average woman’s size, call her a “Perfect 6” or a “Curvaceous 8”.

Where designers have lost their marbles is not in Magazine Editorials or Look Books, where we all know images are retouched and models pose under unrealistic circumstances. In a catalog, where images are supposed to speak to the consumer, I’m calling WTF on this trend of retailers using 5’9″ models wearing a size zero (actual screenshot above). Not only can we not envision how that dress will look on anything wider than a hanger, but it makes me wonder: Are your clothes so poorly cut that you can’t hang them on an average body and still have them look decent?

At some point in this vanity game retailers and designers need to face the fact that only two things can come of an unrealistic sales display of garments:

1- We aren’t buying clothing that only looks good on stick figures, so your sales drop.

2- If we take a leap of faith and buy, there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing a high rate of returns. Your sales still drop.

So tell ya what… How about we start using models with body types that are, at the least, appealing to female shoppers in these online catalogs.

Because I’m a lot of things, but I’m nobody’s Size 0.

On today’s “what is this world coming to” list is the new cosmetic procedure implanting shiny jewelry into the eyeball. C’monnn, really??

 This only goes to prove that if you’re willing to pay, there’s a doctor on Park Avenue willing to oblige. Until someone loses and eyeball and sues. And we wonder why medical malpractice insurance is so high? 

Want something permanent that’s painful to remove? Get a tattoo. Leave your eyeballs au naturale. Your mother will thank you.

It’s as if Raybans have a 5-on/10-off fashion lifecycle… a half decade hot, then a decade not. Late 80’s yes, but in the late 90’s they felt outdated. 

Guess they’re back in fashion, cuz a model friend was wearing this pair that conveniently folded down to fit in her tiny pocket. I borrowed, I posed, and I must have a pair!

From an angle, this frame shape looks good on everyone.

Model Tip: turning your head at a slight angle to the camera is more forgiving than shooting straight-on.

Paula Patrice Raybans


 The Eye | The Lips | The Nails

It’s the look of the season.
Not too smoky, not too bare… Kinda like you just don’t care.

But ohhh we do care!

What happens in New York City over the course of a day? People come, people go. People eat, people shop. Meh, not so interesting… until it’s mapped out in a time-lapse video of Foursquare check-ins. Mesmerizing!

paula patrice photo by ron contarsy

In “The Devil Wears Prada“, one of my favorite movie scenes ever gives truthful insight into the “creative flow” of trends. It’s harsh, but true.

Meryl Streep (loosely based on Anna Wintour) ends her rant with “…then trickled on down to some Casual Corner where you no doubt fished it out of a clearance bin…”

Ummm what’s wrong with Casual Corner? HA

Casual Corner Stores
Casual Corner Stores
Casual Corner Stores
Casual Corner Stores
Casual Corner Stores
Casual Corner Stores

There’s an unspoken-about gap between high fashion and consumer fashion, as if high fashion wants to pretend that it could exist without consumerism, but it couldn’t, at least not in the economic materialism sense. There is no superior value to a $4000 limited-edition designer coat than a $300 private-label department store coat, provided both are made of quality materials that will keep the wearer warm.

The material value is set by our individual values: softness, uniqueness in the market, innovation of design. The more unique an item is, the less it will sell to the masses, which means a designer needs to mark up the price to maintain a high profit margin and stay in business, since they won’t be selling high volume. The craftsmanship of these garments meets the standards of certain consumers’ values, thereby validating the price, at least in their minds. They want to acquire something people don’t have yet and they’re willing to pay for that item that “controls” the market.

The trickle down effect is that the unique item, now quantified by sales in the marketplace, will be copied, though in a generic style, to be sold to the masses. And therein lies the symbiosis.

If you’re interested in modeling, fashion, styling, magazines, Vogue, and/or runway GET THIS MOVIE for its educational value!!!


Sunglasses w/ swag. Shorts w/ style. Sandals w/ socks? No playa Nooo #fashion #fail

To me, what defines a successful Calvin Klein collection is whether Creative Director Francisco Costa manages to walk the fine line of strong versus ladylike fashion while maintaining his slant towards sensuality as opposed to sexuality. The Calvin Klein label has always been minimalist, but for a while I felt it was going too structured. Everything had a belted waistline, structured collar, A-line cut, or a combination of the three! I’m old-school Calvin, I don’t want fussy, I’m looking for simple modernity, delicate fabrics, and flattering cuts that can cross over in my lifestyle between daytime casual and evening sexy.

The Calvin Klein Women’s Spring 2012 Collection offers just the right balance for classy women who want a touch of feminine innocence but still desire strong shapes. I’m coveting the spaghetti-strap slip dresses that could be worn with sandals for a day in the sun, paired with a jacket for tailored evening, and even worn for bedtime lounging. From Hamptons to St. Barths, Miami to Santa Monica – these work. Reminiscent of the nightgown trend circa 1998, I’m back in love.


at first glance, this is just another crazy japanese pop video… until you realize that it isn't pop, it's the 95lb pop "singer" HRP-4C !

I heard through the model grapevine today that Prabal Gurung is looking for a fit model for the dress he's designing…. for our First Lady Michelle Obama.

Never heard of him? I predict you soon will…

My choices from his Spring 2010 Collection for Mrs. Obama:

Prabal Gurung Spring 2010 polka dot dress  Prabal Gurung Spring 2010 red dress


i love the start to the Fall! fashion is in there air.

the Genart show was exceptional this year, with a turnout of over 1000 people.
hosted by Brenda aka Shannon Dougherty, it was SRO!

i personally thought the menswear designers were the breakouts of the season.

model paula patrice at the genart runway show  ga2_400shannon dougherty 2008 menswear at gen art 2008 


style guru simon doonan's book signing at barney's. i love his saying "Say No to Ho"!

Paula Patrice at Simon Doonan's book signing     Paula Patrice and Simon Doonan

Patty Sicular, Simon Doonan... Paula Patrice, Steven Reider, Laroe, Mani Zarrin, Jean Baptiste
Patty Sicular (VP @ Ford Models), Simon Doonan…
Paula Patrice, agent Steven Reider, model Laroe, photog Mani Zarrin, Paris agent Jean Baptiste  
such good fashionistas, we subconciously lined up by height LOL! 


everyone knows about my food allergies…
so where do my friends want to go to dinner my first night in LA?

KETCHUP! LOL. ok fine, it is the hot spot, and it is fab…
but YOU try going into a place called ketchup and telling the waiter you're allergic to tomato. Embarassed


this is just so good, on so many different levels.
VW is a genius, and the model with the broken ankles is hilarious!!!