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When I model on location and know there won’t be anywhere open that early to get coffee before the photoshoot…
I pack a little container of fresh coffee grounds to sniff when I wake up.

The communities of Bolivia rely on quinoaย (keen-wah)ย production for their ย livelihoods. What’s fascinating is how the life of the farmer revolves around the production of the crop, and the care with which they plant and tend to it.

I’m so accustomed to seeing foods planted & processed through machinery. Something about this human contact with the Earth just feels right, and from this city-person’s perspective it feels like something we’ve disconnected from that we need to return to.
Who knew that eating healthy helps more than yourself, it helps the world!

There are real video clips inserted into the powerpoint presentation starting at the 1:37 mark, once they begin to harvest the crop – which is totally cool!

i was recently interviewed for this article on mid-air theft while flying… cuz my stuff was stolen on the way to a shoot.

I think it's human nature to let our guard down when we get in the air… So read and learn from my mistake.

"I closed up my bag, got up to use the toilet…came back, sat down, got a weird vibe because the girl in the window seat seemed a bit uneasy, but she was kinda odd (read: unwashed and crazy eyed) so I let it pass."

Robbed in the Air: How To Protect Your Valuables and Not Be A Victim While Flying


i have found some GREAT deals recently on orbitz. they must get exclusives with some airlines and hotels, cuz i dont find the same price on any other website.

If you're going to LA, use orbitz to book a room at the Roosevelt Hotel in West Hollywood. Normally $700/night they sell rooms on orbitz for $250. Teddy's celeb-packed nightclub is in the lobby of the Roosevelt, and it's across from the Kodak Theater (American Idol-land).


I've finally gotten around to posting my new tv commercial.
It's been playing in every taxi in nyc, in Europe, China… well, basically all across the globe.

(give this video a minute to load) 

Just a note: the actors are making, like, zilch off the residuals while Mayor Bloomberg announces the city has spent 30 $mil on the campaign. Where's the money? No wonder there's such angst in the actor's union. 

Regardless i am honored to be in the spot, selected out of thousands to represent the city!


Here's a pic of us shooting the commercial in times square. they closed down that area of 42nd street, just below MTV studio, from 6a-1p to shoot.

 filmingtimessq_400  Imagine looking into THAT light all day?!


and here i am filming with the cast of Avenue Q. NOT a puppet show for kids- you wouldnt believe their language LOL Surprised








Major thanks to Mathew Cullen at Motion Theory for a copy of the director's cut!

Mathew and Jesus de Francisco directed the spot, and were a pleasure to work with. 3 days of chaos, floods, and crazy heat in nyc and we still got it done smiling. Sweaty, but smiling!!!

i know, im a dork. i couldnt resist typing that title!

paula patrice on location in la jolla 

lunch in the rv. really bedraggled. worked 5am-7pm. oh, the glamour! 

ya gotta love finding a deal, and Choice Hotels has some great ones in Miami right now!

they must've renovated older apartment-hotels into nice corporatey rooms, cuz hotels popped up out of nowhere.
you guys who have been to south beach know what im talkin' about.
some of those old hotels are just so nasty!
but sometimes you just don't wanna pay to play.Choice Hotels South Beach Miami

i got such a good rate i reserved ahead for late Oct, earlly Dec, New Year's Eve, and a couple other short getaways. heah.
lock in the rate now, make a decision later. that's a smart traveler!

check it out! oh- and they have lots of pet friendly locations too. woof.

this is beyond cool, & it's actually affordable!

Zero G plane ride

if anyone buys it, please take me Laughing 


Treat yourself and 9 of your bestest friends- Go Weightless!!

Like Nothing on Earth!   gforce2
The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly like Superman can now be yours. Train with an expert coach, board our specially modified aircraft, G-FORCE ONE , and experience the unforgettable.

Experience zero gravity the only way possible without going to space. Parabolic flight is the same method NASA has used to train its astronauts for the last 45 years and the same way Tom Hanks floated in Apollo 13.

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we all know Starwood Hotels are the cool places to stay. Getaway Specials from Marriott on
and a lot of people i know like trendy boutique hotels.  

but me, i dont like surprises when i travel. i want 100% guaranteed comfy.
so i always stay at Marriott.

no matter where you stay, stay loyal. sign up for their points program, so you get a free room every now and then. it pays off!


    A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. ~Lao Tzu

paula patrice in bluffton south carolina

hope everybody is healthy and happy and stayin coooool xo 


the Formula 1 Grand Prix was fantastic, and of course Monte Carlo was breathtaking!

formula 1 monte carlo the chicane & the pits at the marina

Choice Hotels pet friendly jump page

Need to travel with a pet? Choice Hotels are affordable and they allow pets. Plus they are everywhere in the USA!