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at first glance, this is just another crazy japanese pop video… until you realize that it isn't pop, it's the 95lb pop "singer" HRP-4C !

The latest technology innovated by my company, PPweb Technologies, is powering the NutriSleuth iPhone App. It is a life saver, literally.

Not only does it make Mom’s life easier at the grocery store, but it has severity settings that no other product can offer. A Mild severity setting allows it to be used as a tool to “just eat healthy” while Anaphylactic Keep Reading »

NutriSleuth iPhone App brings together all of my passions- technology, health/wellness, and even beautiful Keep Reading »

When I tell people I create iPhone apps, 6 out of 10 times they'll say "I have a great idea for an iPhone app!"  

The thing is, creating a successful app that makes money isn't easy, and it takes money to create an app, so it's a balance. The few projects I have taken on all have unique marketability that I believe in, because it's a lotta sweat that gets invested into the devleopment.

Here's a funny overview on what has become a success story for Eugene Lin and his Peek a Boo App. Congrats Eugene, I like board games too!!!



PPweb Web Services LogoThis is the year of reorganization, including my website development business.
My oh my how it has grown, but organically, the way a business should. It's not just website design and programming anymore- everything is integrated, so over the years I've become full service. 


PPweb is a full service web development company providing domain name brainstorming & url registration, hosting, information architecture, database development, user interfaces (UI), design, programming, social networking integration, web app & iPhone app development, CMS, ecommerce, merchant accounts, SEO – it's the whole package whittled down to the best technologies, all in one place with one POC  – me, Paula Patrice!


I have quite a large team now at PPweb.Net and we are turning out some beautiful websites, each optimized for web 2.0 but nothing based on a fad. Technology needs to be scaleable, tried and true, reliable, and most important clean.

A lot of people don't realize that clean coding is really important for SEO. Search engine robots will skip over indexing your site – ie no google listing – if your house isn't in order!

More on that and a lot more later… once PPweb.Net becomes PPweb.Com in January 2010. 

New beginnings, new passions, same ol' fashion tech geek me =)


i am who i am …and i really am me!

so i’ve been taking a ribbing from my online forum friends, seeing as there is no real way to prove that i am me.
silly as that may sound, it got me thinking – how does one prove in the online world that they are who they say, yet not lose the privacy that the internet provides?

i mean, given the con man situation i recently experienced (yeah, read below if you missed it), who can you trust?
and in this age of online monikers, how do you know who is real? aside from posting a picture of course, but even then many people that post pictures on the web either alter them or post fake pics.
i dont know how to solve this. i’m not sure it needs solving. it’s just something that keeps arising.
and further, what bothers me about it is that it belittles all the work that i put into this website, and makes my words seem hollow.

i started my site to touch real people, to communicate with model wanabes… to be real.

and even more, whats so great about me that someone would actually want to impersonate me?! heah. that one really gets me. you want my life? TAKE IT!

like i said, just thoughts i wanted to share. i have lots of updates to post, but ive been creating a new website on a new server using a new language & applications, so i havent posted much new til i have that up and running.

see, new site but journal page still isnt completed
and if i wasnt sitting in this hotel room i could do more, but i am so i can’t.

but at least im sitting here being me =)